M. Uda, R. Galanello, S. Sanna, G. Lettre, V. G. Sankaran, G. Usala, F. Busonero, A. Maschio, S. Lai, L. Crisponi, S. Naitza, I. Asunis, M. Deiana, M. Marongiu, L. Porcu, M. Lovicu, R. Nagaraja, L. Perseu, S. Satta, P. Moi, S. H. Orkin, G. R. Abecasis, D. Schlessinger, J. N. Hirschhorn, A. Cao.BCL11A is associated with persistent HbF and ameliorates the ß-thalassemia phenotype. ESHG meeting, Barcelona, Spain, May 31-June 2 2008. Oral Communication.

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S. Sanna, WM Chen, G. Pilia, G. Albai, G. Usala, A. Maschio, F. Busonero, A. Mulas, M. Dei, S. Lai, M.G. Piras, N. Sestu, M. Masala, M. Orrú, B. Deiana, S. Naitza, L. Crisponi, A. Scuteri, E. Lakatta, P. Costa, G.R. Abecasis, D. Schlessinger, M. Uda & A. Cao. Genome-wide association using jointly 10k and 500k Affymetrix chip in a Sardinia cohort. 3th International Meeting on Genetics of complex Diseases and Isolated Population, Oral Communication, Turin, May 28th 2007. meeting info

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