Complex diseases are those conditions that are due to genetic factors, environmental factors and their interaction. Examples of such diseases include cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Autoimmune diseases, psychiatric disorders, gastrointestinal diseases.

Such diseases can also be studied by looking at measurements (traits) in the general population that are strictly connected with the disease, such as blood pressure for hypertension and glicemia for Diabetes.

To study genetic factor of complex traits and diseases, I analyze large genomic data sets that are public accessible or are accessible through collaboration. Large means >30,000 individuals :)


I have studied many complex diseases, most recent publication include > 1 million individuals through a GLOBAL collaboration:

Here is the link to the publication:

"Global Biobank Meta-analysis Initiative" Cell Genomics 2022


Now I am focusing on cardiometabolic diseases and gastrointestinal disorders, and working together with Dr. Daniela Zanetti, recipient of a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship in 2022 and hosted at my group.

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