8 March 2023 Consiglio Regionale Sardegna

during the international women day (8 march 2023), I have been invited the Regional Council of Sardinia to give a speech about my professional career. I took this opportunity to talk on behalf of all women in science and the fact that they are poorly recognized by media and press. I also claimed that many brillant Sardinian scientists are often limited in their research activity by the lack of funds, lack of collaboration and lack of coordination between public and private institutions, a fact to should be improved with the help of the Sardinian Government .


PDF with my speak - in Italian: scarica qui

Foto Consiglio regionale

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Premio Scienza Madre 2019


I received the award Scienza Madre del 2019, dall'Istituto Malattie Infettive Spallanzani in Rome. The award recognizes women who have dedicated their life to scientific research

Link to the article press (in italian): clicca qui


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Research project "SEMICYCLE" awarded an ERC Starting Grant 2022.

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The ERC Starting Grant funding is highly competitive and aimed at excellent young scientists to enable them to realize revolutionary and ambitious ideas on topics of high relevance. In the Starting Grants 2022 round, out of 2932 proposals received, 408 projects were funded, of which only 27 in Italian institutions.

The SEMICYCLE project I proposed was selected for being funded under the Starting Grants 2022 program of the European Research Council (ERC) for a total of 1.5 million euros. The project, which will take place at the Institute for Genetic and Biomedical Research (IRGB) of the National Research Council located in Cagliari - Sardinia, is aimed at understanding the interactions between female sex hormones and the microbiota for efficient personalized medicine in cardiometabolic disorders in women: in particular, it responds to the need to improve knowledge on the biological mechanisms responsible for these pathologies, which today represent one of the main causes of female mortality.

In addition to the Cnr-Irgb research group (formed by me and five other researchers, two of whom will be recruited specifically for the project), staff from the Burlo-Garofolo  Hospital in Trieste and the Groningen Microbiome Center of the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands will collaborate on this project

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Premio Dorso 2018 alla ricerca

Nel 2018 ho ricevuto il premio Guido Dorso 2018, consegnato dall'associazione Guido Dorso con il patrocinio del Senato della Repubblica a personalita' eccellenti del Sud d"Italia, distintesi in vari ambiti, inclusa la ricerca.

Foto scattata durante il premio

Qui l 'articolo:

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On 2013, I received the award  "Ricercat@mente" -  the best young scientist at CNR (Italian National Research Council) in Biomedicine.

Here is the official  press communication (in Italian):

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Beautiful Minds - Thompson Reuters

On 2014, 2015 and 2016 , I have been included in the list "Beautiful Minds of the year" created by Thompson Reuters. The list cites the HRCtop 1% researchers at each scientific field.

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Highlights CNR 2009-2010

One of articles (Sanna et al Nat Genet 2010) describing one novel genetic variant that increases the risk of Multiple Sclerosis was selected as one of the best articles published by researchers working at CNR.

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Highlights CNR 2009-2009 

The paper Pfeufer & Sanna Nat Gen 2009, which describes novel genetic variants that influence QT interval duration, a measure of the time necessary for heart repolarization, has been selected as one of the best papers published by CNR researchers, and a short description has been described in the 2008-2009 CNR highlights. pdf

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ESHG 2008 Young Scientist Award

In 2008, I received the  ESHG Young Scientist Award for outstanding science during the ESHG conference (European Society of Human Genetics) conference (June 2nd 2008)


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